Cat Boarding Near Lewistown, PA

“Caring for your pet’s comfort and well-being”

Strodes Run Kennel LLC Offers Expert & Welcoming Cat Boarding

Strodes Run Kennel LLC offers tranquil cat boarding near Lewistown, PA. Strodes Run Kennel LLC has been providing kitty lovers with top-notch cat boarding services since 2007. While you are away at work or on vacation, we provide loving and caring boarding and care for your pet.

Our cat boarding facility serves as your pet’s home away from home, offering more than simply a place to stay. We provide cats of all ages and temperaments a tranquil, stress-free, and enjoyable environment with individualized care. Call Strodes Run Kennel LLC at (717) 242-0236 to learn more about our cat boarding or to make a reservation.

Overnight and Daytime Cat-Friendly Kenneling and Pampering

The Best Comfort in Cat Boarding Near Lewistown, PA

Our cat kennels give your feline friend(s) a feeling of security and comfort. Completely separate from the dog boarding areas, the cat kennels provide a quiet, calm place for kitties of all ages. We also offer each cat supervised, individual time out of the kennels in a secure room if they desire.

Please be aware that while we welcome all cats, it’s a fact that not every cat is going to be happy or content in a kennel situation. Prior to boarding your cat with us, please contact us to discuss our policies regarding cats and what needs to happen if your cat is too stressed to continue its boarding experience. The well-being of all pets is foremost in our mind, and we will not knowingly make any pet remain in an environment that may affect its physical or mental health.

For Kennel Boarding, Your Cat's Vaccination Records Are Necessary

Vaccinations are the easiest way to keep your cat healthy. Strodes Run Kennel requires that all pets be vaccinated, no exceptions. Please check with your veterinarian to make sure your cat’s vaccinations are up to date. We require proof of the necessary vaccinations to keep in your cat’s file. Cats must be vaccinated for:

Immunizations Against:

Bring Proof of Vaccination. 

  • Rabies

  • FVRCP (feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and panleukopenia)

Serving Pets in Central Pennsylvania

Mifflin County, PA

Lewistown, PA

McVeytown, PA

Milroy, PA

Reedsville, PA

Belleville, PA

Newton Hamilton, PA

Snyder County, PA
McClure, PA
Beaver Springs, PA
Beavertown, PA
Middleburg, PA

Huntingdon County, PA
Huntingdon, PA
Mt. Union, PA
Warriors Mark, PA
State College, PA
Bellefonte, PA
Alexandra, PA
Raystown, PA
Entriken, PA
James Creek, PA
McConnellstown, PA
Petersburg, PA

Juniata County, PA
Mifflintown, PA
Port Royal, PA
McAlisterville, PA
Philipsburg, PA
Centre Hall, PA
Richfield, PA
Thompsontown, PA
East Waterford, PA

Centre County, PA
Port Matilda, PA

Strodes Run Kennel LLC offers tranquil cat boarding near Lewistown, PA.